We are committed to delivering clients relevant results and the best experience possible, so our default therapist search results are sorted by Recommended. The Recommended sort order uses an algorithm, similar to the way a search engine does.

We are constantly revising and fine-tuning the algorithm and it recalculates therapists' relative positions as they use the platform to manage their practice. 

Some of the factors that influence profile positioning in the "Recommended" sort view are outlined below. These factors are reflected in the badges that are shown on therapist profiles:

  • Re-bookings. Therapists who re-book their clients for further sessions after their first appointments indicate that they are able to create therapeutic connections. This is important for new clients and this data is a major factor in our 'recommended' therapist list. Please note that arranging sessions with platform clients directly results in clients losing their benefits with regards to auto-refunds, secure payments, session guarantees and more - therefore we treat these incidences seriously.

  • Speed of confirmation of client bookings. Giving clients a fast response in confirming their session time is a really important part of starting the client experience off on the right foot. Many clients book appointments as soon as possible; the most frequent advance booking time is 24-48 hours. Therefore confirming sessions as quickly as possible is important so that both therapists and clients can make the necessary arrangements to attend their first session.

  • An up-to-date diary. If therapists keep their availability up to date on the platform so that re-schedules of client initial bookings don't happen often, our clients will have the best experience.

  • Average length of client relationships. We believe that therapy can help to transform anyone’s life, however we know that it is not a short term cure. Therefore we recommend therapists with a history of creating effective and enduring therapeutic relationships so that clients have the best possible chance of finding a therapist they can form a longer-term working relationship with.

  • Strength of therapist profiles. We want to provide clients with the best information available to them when choosing a therapist, so therapist profiles that are of a high quality rank higher in our Recommended search results.

  • Client Rating. Client feedback is important to us in improving the service we deliver and is just one of the factors we take into account to ensure that the practitioners on our platform maintain high quality standards. They can help prospective clients to find the right therapist for them by understanding what their experience may be like.

  • Speed of confirmation of follow-up sessions. In addition to confirming initial bookings, It's really important clients have all their sessions confirmed quickly so that they are confident when their next session will be. We've designed the session update process so it should take less than 30 seconds to confirm a client attended and book them in the next week, which will confirm the session with them by email.

Other sort options for the search list that clients can use are:

  • Availability (earliest to latest). 

  • Cost. 

  • Location.

  • Session type.

  • Rating. 

Additional search and sorting options will be added from time to time and this article will be updated to reflect these.

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