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How do I set up a new appointment for my client?
How do I set up a new appointment for my client?

Adding a manual appointment for an existing client Create a new session Book a session

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To schedule an appointment for a client that has already registered on the platform and appears in your dashboard you should follow the steps below.

If your client has not registered on our platform you can invite them to create an account before you set up their appointment. 

To schedule an appointment first login to your account and go to your client's profile card:

To add a new session for them click on Create Session and then choose the date, time and location of the session before clicking on Continue Booking to create the session.

Note that you can select an appointment date/time in the past as well as the future. A past appointment may be used for example to manage the payment for a previous session that was automatically cancelled because of a payment failure, but you decided to go ahead with the session anyway. In this situation it's your responsibility as the therapist to ensure that the client updates their credit card details in order to receive payment for a session that has gone ahead even if it was cancelled.

You'll then be asked if you want to make this a weekly recurring session - this doesn't create any client appointments but will ensure your online availability is not released for that day/time going forward.

The session should now be in your diary and payment will be taken from yhe client 24 hours before the start time of the session.

If the session is in the past or in less than 24 hours time, payment will be taken immediately.

A session created in the past will also then be presented in your dashboard for you to do the normal post session clinic update.

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