Therapists on can earn badges for their profiles. We add these badges to give our users as much information as possible about the therapists on the site. These are:

Smooth Schedule - This therapist keeps to a smooth schedule

Therapists with this badge have not rearranged or cancelled sessions in the last 60 days.

We award this badge because we know that our users put much thought in to the time and date that they can attend therapy sessions. Rearrangements cause disappointment and cancellations.

  • Speedy Response - This therapist confirms appointments quickly

Therapists with a ‘speedy response’ badge on their profiles respond to client session booking requests quicker than average.

We award this badge because we know that it is important for our users to receive a response to their appointment bookings as quickly as possible in order to prepare for their sessions.

  • See You Again - Clients often return to see this therapist again

Therapists with a ‘see you again’ badge maintain longer term relationships with their clients than the average length on the platform.

We award this badge because we know that many of our users are looking for therapists with a history of creating effective and enduring therapeutic relationships because therapy is not a short term fix or solution 

While we add this badge to therapists profiles to indicate this information, we understand that it is important to work with clients on an individual basis and we do not promote extending the length of therapeutic relationships when it is not in a client’s interests.  

  • In Demand - This therapist has a lot of demand from users on this site

Therapists with an ‘in demand’ badge have had more client session bookings than most therapists on the platform in the last sixty days.

We award this badge because we know that many of our users are interested in finding therapists who run an active practice.

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