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Therapist profile badges
Therapist profile badges

What do the badges on therapist profiles mean and how do therapists earn badges?

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Therapists on can earn badges for their profiles. Badges are added to therapist profiles automatically when they meet certain criteria to give our users as much information as possible about the therapists on the site. With hundreds of therapists to choose from, badges display key information to help new clients to make more informed decisions about their therapy than photos and price alone.

The therapist badges reflect the most common factors you consider when looking for a therapist, such as consistency, experience and responsiveness. Therefore, badges influence where therapist profiles appear in the site's 'suggested' search results.

Badges to look out for include:

See You Again - Clients often return to see this therapist again

Therapists with a ‘see you again’ badge create longer-lasting relationships than average with clients who return to see them

This badge is awarded because many of our users are looking for therapists with a history of creating effective and enduring therapeutic relationships. Therapists who re-book their clients for further sessions after their first appointments indicate that they are able to create therapeutic connections, which is why we award this badge.

Note: Therapists who arrange follow-on sessions with platform clients directly cause their clients to forfeit the website terms and guarantees. This means clients lose their benefits with regards to automatic payments and refunds, session guarantees, secure information transfers and more. Therefore, Harley Therapy treats these incidents seriously and therapists who re-book with clients directly are removed from the platform.

We understand that it is important to work with clients on an individual basis and we do not promote extending the length of therapeutic relationships when it is not in a client’s interests. All therapists are registered with a reputable membership organisation and bound by their ethical code and principles in this regard. The 'see you again' badge is only one of many badges that influence how often a therapist's profile is recommended to new clients.

Smooth Schedule - This therapist keeps to a smooth schedule

Therapists with this badge have not rearranged or cancelled sessions in the last 60 days.

We award this badge because we know that our users put much thought into the time and date that they can attend therapy sessions. Rearrangements cause disappointment and cancellations. In many cases, when someone is turned away at the point of reaching out for therapy, they are put off reaching out for support in future. To receive this badge therapists simply need to make sure they are only advertising time slots they have available for new client bookings.

Speedy Response - This therapist confirms appointments quickly

Therapists with a ‘speedy response’ badge on their profiles respond to client session booking requests quicker than average. This is usually faster than 60 minutes on average.

We award this badge because we know that it is important for our users to receive a response to their appointment bookings as quickly as possible in order to prepare for their sessions.

In Demand - This therapist has a lot of demand from users on this site

Therapists with an ‘in demand’ badge have had more client session bookings than most therapists on the platform in the last sixty days.

We award this badge because we know that many of our users are interested in finding therapists who run an active practice.

Verified sessions - This therapist has had over (50, 100, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10000) verified sessions

Therapists with verified sessions badges show that they are actively working with clients through the platform.

COVID-19 Secure - This therapist has completed a COVID-19 risk assessment of their premises

Therapists with COVID-19 secure badges have submitted a Covid-19 risk assessment of their premises.

DBS Checked - This therapist has an up-to-date DBS certificate, which is a criminal record check by the British government.

When you are looking for a therapist for vulnerable persons or children in the UK, check that they have an in-date DBS certificate.

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