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How to remove in-person availability from your working times
How to remove in-person availability from your working times

Turn off the ability for clients to book in-person sessions with you by removing this option from your calendar (in one click)

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If you would like to temporarily remove a location option for new client bookings, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to the "where I work" section of your profile. Click on your in-person location.

A screen will pop out. Click the three dots icon and select "Remove from all working times" on the drop-down menu:

A confirmation message will appear. To confirm press "ok":

To add new remote location options, such as phone and video, first add your location to your profile in your "where I work" section of your profile. 

Then repeat the above process for the new option and choose 'Add to all working times'.

Please do not delete your in-person location if you plan to offer sessions there in future. Why? We are being contacted by clients who would like to start online therapy with a therapist nearby them so that they can move to in-person therapy in the future. Without an in-person location in your profile, you will not show up in search results filtered by location. 

For example, if a user searches for video therapy and enters a postcode in Croydon, London the website will filter therapists by the nearest therapist to their postcode who offers video sessions. If a therapist deletes their in-person location in Croydon, they would not show up in this search. So it is best to simply remove an in-person location from your working times rather than delete it entirely, if you plan to offer in-person sessions again in future.

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