What are working times?

The working times you add to your calendar are the times we advertise you as available for new client bookings. These should be the times you are regularly available at present for new client bookings.

For example, you should not add 9am to 5pm Mondays as your working times, if you already have a client from outside the platform at 3pm on Mondays. Instead you need to add 9am-2pm on Mondays and another slot at 4pm-5pm. 

What about vacation and one-off appointments?

You don't need to change your on-going working times for one-off breaks. If you have vacation or any other appointments on one day, add this as an unavailable time.

How to add unavailable times for one-off appointments and vacation

Unavailable times should be added to your calendar when you are not available due to other appointments, holidays or for some other temporary reason on specific dates.

To add an unavailable time to your calendar, click on the day you'd like it to start and select "Add unavailable time..." from the drop down menu.

You then enter the start and end date of the unavailable time:

If you manage your diary using Google Calendar, you can sync your calendar with the platform so that any appointments you already have in are automatically marked as unavailable. Find out how here.

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