Please note: HEROES charity have currently paused this scheme as the limit of sessions has been reached. As a therapist on the Harley Therapy platform, you can still sign up to offer one session free of charge to NHS clients as you wish (un-funded).

You can now sign up to offer five further sessions free of charge to anyone who booked a session with you through Harley Therapy's NHS free support sessions scheme - and these extra sessions will be co-funded for by the charity HEROES.

HEROES is a charity founded to support the wellbeing of NHS workers. They will co-fund five further appointments for any NHS workers who have booked a free support session with you. This means that you can offer any of the NHS clients who booked a free support session with you five further sessions at no expense!

You will receive 90% of your standard session fee for each of the five sessions, paid for by HEROES, minus Harley Therapy Platform standard commission.

How it works

If you usually charge £50 per session, your sessions for clients received through this scheme will be charged at £45 (90% of your standard fee). Clients will be issued vouchers from HEROES to use during the booking process. Harley Therapy will take 10% commission as usual but we will be donating 60% of our commission back to HEROES. In this way, the charity will pay less for each session and more people will be able to access counselling through this scheme.

How do I get involved?

You must be signed up to offer free support sessions to NHS workers in your profile to join this scheme. On the support sessions page of your profile, simply tick to accept HEROES vouchers.

After a free support session has taken place, if you book a follow-up session as usual for any NHS clients, the HEROES voucher will be generated and applied automatically to that booking. The voucher will then roll over automatically to cover up to 5 sessions in total. The client will not need to add payment details to enable you to book these sessions.

If a client wishes to receive more than five sessions, you will be able to make an anonymous case to HEROES to pay for additional sessions on the same payment terms. We'll provide details of how to do this when we've confirmed this process with the HEROES team.

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