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What does the "% of clients return" description on therapists' profiles mean?
What does the "% of clients return" description on therapists' profiles mean?
How the client return rate is calculated
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What is the client return percentage?

When a therapist listed on has had five clients or more, their client return rate is shown as a percentage on their profile description.

This is the number of clients who returned for a second session with the therapist, out of the total number of clients who attended a first session.

For example, Therapist Chris has had seven clients book and attend a first session with him. Six of these clients then returned for a second session with Chris. Chris' client return percentage would be: 6/7=86%

Why is a client return rate shown on therapist profiles?

Often, online therapy websites match a new client to a therapist based on who they think is best for them and how much availability their therapists have. We want to give clients a choice of therapist, but we know how overwhelming being presented with a list of hundreds of practitioners can be.

The client % return rate is one of many pieces of information we provide to help new clients make more informed decisions about their therapy. Other factors include how quickly therapists respond to enquiries, real client reviews and more.

Why is the return rate different to the "see you again" badge?

The "see you again" badge on therapist profiles indicates how long those clients who do return for a second session then stay in therapy. Therefore, this badge is important at indicating whether therapists have a history of establishing lasting therapeutic relationships compared to the average relationship length of therapists on the platform.

This is different to the percentage client return rate, which simply shows how often clients return for a second session with a therapist.

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