Accessing therapy has never been easier and quicker with our Pay As You Go process. Simply follow the instructions below and in a number of clicks, and you can speak to one of our qualified therapists, at a time that suits you.

  1. Create an Organisation

Using this link, you can register your company/organisation.

To do so, you need to input the following details:

  • Select what type of organisation you are. If you are registering on behalf of your company, use that company's name.

  • Select the portal domain. If this is on a company's behalf, use the company domain. eg harleytherapy

Select who can have access to the portal. If you are signing up for your business, it is important to ensure you only grant access to those who are administrators.

  • Administrators will have access to company credit card details, be responsible for generating therapy sessions & an overview of how many therapy sessions are being used.

Add in your (administrator) details. You cannot sign up using the same phone number if you have used Harley Therapy before. We send our passcodes to your mobile, make sure you have filled it in.

Once completed, we will send you an email, which will grant you access to your portal on the Harley Therapy Platform

Within your portal, you will be able to administer therapy sessions, so it is important you are fully set up.

You should receive an email that looks like this:

when you click on 'here' you will be directed to a new tab, where you will be prompted to enter your mobile number.

To make sure nobody else can access the portal without permission, you need to complete the final part of the signup process, and that is to register your mobile number so that we can send you a 1time, secure passcode.

To do this:

  • Input your number and within 2 minutes you will receive a text from us, containing your passcode.

  • Input the passcode and access will be granted

Once you input your passcode, the page will refresh to show you, your portal.

This is your homepage. Now we need to input all of your details to get going,

4. Pay As You Go Service

Before you can book a therapy session or enable others to book a therapy session, you need to authorise your account.

To do this click:

> Pay As You Go

> Authorisation

> Create One Now

Next, you need to complete the following steps. Please note, we have a strict policy when it comes to selecting the number of therapy sessions. You can only choose 3 sessions or more. This is to make sure the person attending therapy will receive the highest level of care. From our experience, those who have 3+ sessions get the best outcome.

The final step in the process is the payment stage. Please use whichever card you would like to pay for the therapy session. We recommend a company credit card.

Once inputted, all therapy sessions will be charged to that card. Please note, the card details will be stored on the portal.

Enabling Access

Once you have inputted card details, you will have created your first 'authorisation.' This means that you can issue therapy to anyone, you decide to share voucher code with.

Steps to do this:

  • Copy Invite Code

  • Send an email to the individual in need of therapy

  • Copy link + code into email

  • Individuals will be able to able to redeem the code through the link and choose a therapist they would like to speak to at a time of their choosing.

  • Company credit card will be billed.

From an individuals side, this is what they will see:

Other points to note:

  • You can personalise your portal, but uploading your logo using the 'logo' tab.

  • VAT: please add your company vat number + billing address which can be found in the settings tab.

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