Booking therapy sessions paid for by your employer

How to find a therapist and book therapy sessions

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Your employer should have shared either a portal link or an invite code with you.

  • If you have received a link to your organisation's portal, click the link and enter your work email address to log in.

  • If you have received an invite code via email, you will need to click on the link in the email. Then log in using your email address or mobile number and on the next page, enter the invite code shared via email to redeem the invite.

Once logged in, click Find a Therapist to take you to our therapist search page. Here you can select different search filters to narrow down which therapists would be most suitable to you. Filters include the issues you are seeking help with, your preferred dates and times, the location or session type etc.

Once you've found a therapist you feel is a good fit for you, select the time, day and the location for the session you wish to book, and then click the purple Book Session button :

On the next page, you will see three sections. The 1st section confirms the details of the session you are looking to book, and the 2nd section gives you a space to share some information about what you are seeking help with. The 3rd section will confirm that your organisation will be covering the cost of this session, and how many sessions they will cover in total.

Click Book Now to complete your booking :

Once booked in, you may be asked to add any missing information in your account such as your date of birth or any incomplete contact details.

You will also have access to a self-assessment questionnaire in your Dashboard, where you can share some more detailed information about what you are seeking help with and any past relevant history. The self-assessment questionnaires are not mandatory, but we do recommend completing these in advance of your session, as this will allow your therapist to better prepare for your initial session.

As soon as your therapist confirms your booking, you will receive a confirmation email containing the full session details (including the address if you have booked an in-person session) and also the therapist's contact details in case you need to get in touch.

For follow-up sessions, your company will automatically be charged up to the limits authorised by them. Once your entitlement to sessions has been used up, you can either add a payment card to your account to pay for your own sessions, or your company may be happy to cover the cost of further sessions for you.

If you have any questions at all or need any help, you can contact the Harley Therapy team via the live chat on the website, or by emailing [email protected].

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