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What should I do when a client books a session with me?
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When a client books a session with you, you will be sent an email and, in some cases, an SMS detailing the booking.

So that clients get the best experience we want to ensure that they get a quick response confirming their session. ย 

Assuming the booking request comes in during business hours, we request that you reply within four hours maximum. The speed you respond not only affects the client's experience but will have a bearing on your position in our default search order - you can find out more about how we calculate your position in our article about recommended search position.

Clients expect when they book a free slot on your calendar that you will be available at that time. It is therefore vitally important that you keep your availability up to date. You can also connect your calendar to your Google calendar to ensure appointments in that are automatically marked as unavailable to prospective clients on

However, we do appreciate that sometimes conflicts can occur and in some cases clients can request something about the slot to be changed before you have had a chance to confirm it.

Persistently re-arranging booked clients sessions by a therapist not on behalf of a client may have an effect on a therapist's position on the search results page as we expect clients to be able to have the sessions they request in normal circumstances and may result in suspension from the platform.

To handle these situations we have introduced a number of different options when confirming a client booking. These are displayed in your dashboard as follows:

These options are

  • Confirm Session - confirm the booking and send the client an email indicating that the booking is confirmed and providing them with more details, such as your address for an in-person session

  • Edit Date/Time - if the client has contacted you or there has been a conflict with an off-platform booking before you have had time to update your calendar you can use this button to re-arrange the session time

  • Edit location - if you are unavailable at the location the client has selected or they request a change from (say skype to in-person) you can use this button to change the location

Confirming a session

If you choose to confirm a session, the client will be sent an email once you click on confirm and will then be confident that their session is going ahead. An example email to a client is shown below:

Rearrange session

Therapists should avoid re-arranging sessions that clients have booked for reasons other than client request and instead should keep their availability up to date to avoid conflicts.
If you choose to re-arrange a session you will be asked why this change is taking place:

If your client has requested the change you should select that option and then make the change to the time/date or location.

If you need to make the change because of an issue with your schedule the client will have to confirm that they are happy with the change before the session can continue.

In the case of a change in location (e.g. skype to in-person) the session is updated and the client will be asked to confirm their agreement to the change.

In the case of a date/time change you will be asked to provide the client with one or more alternative session times:

To add an alternative time click on the Add alternative... button and add the new session details.

Once you complete the list of session alternatives offered to the client you can click on Offer Alternatives to send the offer to the client:

You must offer at least one alternative session time but we do recommend providing more than one alternative to maximise the chances of the client continuing their booking.
Clients will receive an email detailing the options and be asked to confirm which option (if any) they'd prefer:

The offer to the client has a lifetime of 24 hours after which it expires and the original session will be cancelled and refunded (if charged).

Until the client confirms which alternative they'd like or the 24 hours expire the sessions that are included in the offer will not be available in your calendar for you to arrange sessions with other clients:

You will be notified when an offer expires or a client accepts your offer and all session date/times offered but not accepted will be released for alternative bookings.

When you view the session on your dashboard you'll see information about the offer you made:

The offered session slot(s) will also be shown in your calendar until the offer is accepted or expires:

Client email communication

When using the re-arrangement feature, the reason for change will determine what is included in the email sent to the client.ย 

For example if you re-arrange on a request from the client the session will be deemed confirmed and the client will receive an email similar to the email below:

If the change is not as a result of a client request the client will receive different emails depending on whether the change is as a result of a location change or a date/time offer.

If the location has changed, the client will be sent an email that shows the change and asks them to confirm it. The session details will be updated.

In the case of an offer of multiple alternative sessions the client will receive an email like:

Once the client has accepted the change the session will become confirmed in your dashboard and you will receive an email confirming this:

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