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Using your google calendar to manage your unavailable times

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Keeping your calendar up to date is extremely important to ensure that clients see only sessions that are actually available to book.

You can manage your availability through your dashboard, but if you manage your calendar using an external service such as Google Calendar we've got an easier way to manage your availability without any effort on your part as you can now connect your Google Calendar to your Harley Therapy profile. 

What this will allow you to do is ensure that sessions are not offered to clients on Harley Therapy if you have an overlapping appointment in your Google Calendar that is marked as busy.

Note that this feature does not synchronise all your Harley Therapy appointments to your calendar (although you can add them by clicking on the attachments to session bookings). It only marks sessions that would otherwise be available as unavailable based on any overlapping appointments marked as busy in your Google Calendar.

Connecting your calendar

To authorise Harley Therapy to connect to your Google account, log into your dashboard and select the Account menu option and choose Integrations from the menu on the left hand side:

To connect your Google Calendar, click on the Connect Now button and you will be asked to authorise read only access to your calendars by Harley Therapy.

Once you have authorised them you'll be returned to your dashboard and can select which calendar to sync with:

Once you've chosen the calendar you want to select, click on the Connect button to establish the connection.

You'll then see you have the ability to Disconnect the calendar or to Sync Now

The calendar will synchronise at least every 24 hours and should update automatically after you make any changes to your google calendar.

Viewing your unavailable slots

Once your calendar is connected then any appointment that is in your Google calendar that is marked as busy will stop any overlapping session on Harley Therapy being offered to clients.

For example if you have a session marked as busy in your google calendar as below:

When you view your calendar in the therapist dashboard you will see the busy times from your google calendar shown in grey.

Why has my Google Calendar appointment not marked a slot as unavailable?

If you've added a new appointment to your Google Calendar but overlapping sessions are still shown as available on Harley Therapy there are a number of things to check:

  1. Check that the appointment on the Google Calendar is actually set to Busy.

  2. Check whether you see the slot as unavailable on the specific day in your Harley Therapy dashboard - if not, go to the Account -> Integrations page and click on Sync Now

  3. If both of the above are correct it may be that the update may take a few minutes to propagate through our systems. If it still is incorrect please contact us and we'll take a look at the issue.

What about security - i don't want you looking at all the information in my calendar?

To perform the sync process we only ask Google for a list of busy slots in your calendar. 

This returns information only about the start and end of the busy periods only - an example of the data we receive for an appointment marked as busy in your diary is shown below:

          "start": "2018-12-03T10:00:00Z",
          "end": "2018-12-03T10:15:00Z"

As a result of this no details of the appointments will be requested or stored other than the start and end times.

I am going on holiday - can I use my Google calendar to ensure my holiday is marked as unavailable on Harley Therapy?

You can use an appointment in your Google Calendar to mark yourself as unavailable for a holiday or other out of office situation (e.g. Jury Service) in your Google Calendar.

If you do this you need to make sure that either:

  • the appointment start and end time reflect your holiday start and end date/time; or

  • if you've used an all-day session that the repeat and end settings ensure the appointment stops repeating when you come back, e.g. 

In both cases ensure that the appointment is set to Busy. Normally Google will set multi-day appointments to Free by default.

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