Because our client login system allows you to identify yourself using a phone number or an email it is possible if you log in using a different identity to create two accounts on our system.

Whilst this is not a problem in general, once you come to book a session you'll be asked to update your account details. During that process we'll ask you for an email or phone number (whichever you didn't use to login) but you will be unable to save your details because another account exists with the same email or phone number. 

You'll see a message like the message below if this happens:

The good news is it's simple to fix the problem assuming your other account doesn't have any associated bookings. 

Follow the link that says avoid duplicate accounts and merge them together in the error message and you will be presented with the merge account screen as shown below:

Enter the phone number or email of the other account that you are trying to merge. In the example above this would be the phone number. Once you enter the phone number or email click on Begin Merge.

You'll then be asked to enter a passcode which will be sent to the email or phone number you just entered - in this case the phone number.

Once you enter the passcode you received, click on Continue and the merge process will start. If there is any information already in your existing account you'll be offered a choice of which information to keep in the merged account:

Once you are happy that the correct information will be used for the merged account click on Confirm Merge to complete the process.

if you are still missing some information from your account we need to have you'll then be asked to complete this also:

If both accounts have booked sessions we will be unable to merge the accounts automatically and you will see the following error.

If you see this error either use a different phone number or email for the second account or contact us at [email protected]

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