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Do you offer therapy for couples as well?
Do you offer therapy for couples as well?
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Yes, we offer a variety of types of counselling - you can find out more about Couples and Relationship counselling in our help article here, and all of our therapists who offer Couples counselling can be found here.

When booking a session, simply select "My Partner & Me" under "Who the session is for?" when selecting your time slot on your chosen therapist page:

When you proceed with your booking you'll be asked to enter details for both you and your partner. 

It's important to enter their email address so that they receive confirmation of the session and have the opportunity to complete a pre-session individual assessment.

If you wanted to book a session for you and your partner but have booked an individual session by mistake, you will need to let either your therapist or the team know so your booking can be updated to the correct session type. 

Session types that have different numbers of attending clients (such as Family sessions) can't be changed as they need to be created with the information provided for all attendees, so these would need to be cancelled and rebooked. Please contact the team for help with this.

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