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Do you offer therapy for couples as well?
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Yes, we offer a variety of different types of counselling including couples therapy.

You can find out more about couples and relationship counselling in our help article here, and all of our therapists who offer couples counselling can be found here.

To book a couples session, simply select "My Partner & Me" under "Who is this session for?" when selecting a time slot on your chosen therapist's profile page :

As you proceed with your booking, you will be asked to enter details for both you and your partner. Please enter your partner's name and email address so they can be sent the booking confirmation email, and have the opportunity to complete their own pre-session self-assessment questionnaire.

Please note that the information you enter about what you are seeking help with when first booking your initial session will be visible to both you and your partner.

However, you will both have your own individual self-assessment questionnaires become available in your accounts after completing your booking. The details entered in the self-assessment questionnaires in your accounts are private and unique to each attendee, so your partner will not be able to see your responses (and vice versa). 

If you are sharing a device with your partner, please make sure to log out so they can access their own account without any issues, and so your details are kept private. 

If you were looking to book a couples session but have booked an individual session by mistake, you will need to let either your therapist or the team know so your booking can be updated to the correct session type. Please share your partner's first/last names and their email address to enable this. 

Most therapists will charge higher fees for couples sessions than they do for individual sessions. If this is the case for your therapist, we will need to charge the difference in fees. You can check your therapist's fees by clicking on the downward arrow next to the fee shown in their profile. 

Session types that have different numbers of attending clients (such as Family or Group sessions) can't be changed in the same way unfortunately, so these would need to be cancelled and rebooked under the correct client type. Please contact the team if you need some help with this.

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