Qualified therapists are professionals running a business with overheads. These costs include things like insurance, professional membership costs, ongoing training fees, room rental, professional supervision, accounting support, business phone tariffs, administration, communication with other support workers where required, covering session cancellations and more.

Often, while a therapy session is fifty minutes long, your therapist spends further time outside of the session in professional supervision and otherwise considering your needs and the best support for you, to which they commit high amounts of passion and energy. You are receiving the complete, focused attention and commitment of a highly trained expert.

Therapy session costs vary from therapist to therapist but often a therapy session costs less than many people spend on a night out, on their bar bill over the course of a week, or the same as a meal or two in a restaurant, and yet what it gives in return is far more worthwhile. You can read about some of the ways therapy is an investment in your life, relationships and career here.

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