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I want to change therapists, what do I do?
I want to change therapists, what do I do?
Changing therapist
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If you have been working with a therapist for several sessions or longer and feel it’s no longer working for you, it’s important to talk with your therapist. It could be that you are on the verge of a difficult breakthrough that is causing a need to run away (this is actually a very common response in therapy).

Of course, sometimes a therapist just isn’t the right fit and that’s all there is to it. Their approach isn’t right for you, or your personalities simply don’t click. An honest chat means your therapist can help you clarify the type of therapist that would work better for you, allowing us to then suggest other therapists who can help.

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Note that if you only had one session with your therapist and really don’t feel it’s a match, we can offer you one more session with another therapist from our site whom you feel is more suitable, at our expense.

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