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What could result in Harley Therapy removing a therapist from their site?
What could result in Harley Therapy removing a therapist from their site?
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We aim to be the best online platform for the best therapists and we are rigorous in maintaining this reputation.

Your profile might be removed from our listings for any of the following reasons:

  • three or more occasions of not responding to new booking requests within a reasonable timeframe, or of sessions being cancelled due to not being confirmed.

  • three or more occasions of cancelling or rearranging client bookings with short notice or due to availability not being up-to-date and accurate.

  • consistently receiving less than three stars in client feedback.

  • no or very few clients returning for follow-up sessions.

  • taking a client off-platform.

  • accepting payment directly from a client.

  • failure to inform us of any investigations by your professional body or other agencies.

  • if we are contacted by external authorities regarding malpractice.

  • any instance of aggressive, abusive, offensive or threatening language or behaviour being used against clients or the Harley Therapy team.

  • if we believe our clients' best interests are not being served.

This list is subject to revision and may change from time to time based on our continued monitoring of therapist performance data.

More information can be found in the Terms & Conditions for Therapists here

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