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I want to change my fee, how will this affect existing clients?
I want to change my fee, how will this affect existing clients?

How to change your fee/rates and still charge existing clients the old fee/rates or make allow a specific client to have a different fee

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When you set your fee on your therapist profile this is the fee that all clients will be charged for sessions. 

If you change your fee and have any existing clients, any sessions they have booked but not yet paid will attract this new fee.

If you are making your rates higher, we expect that you will discuss any increases with your existing clients well in advance, being mindful of the clinical impact this might have.

If you'd like to keep existing clients on your old fee, you will need to add a custom fee to the relationship for that client in your dashboard.

To do this, first, select the client in your Clients list to open the client card in your dashboard :

Select the Relationships tab on the left-hand side, and then click on the relationship where you would like to change the fee :

To change the fee for this specific client relationship, click on the Modify button :

You will then be able to enter the fee you wish to charge the client :

Once you're happy with the new amount, click on Save and the new fee will be shown as added:

This new fee will apply to any sessions already booked but not paid for. If you enter the same amount as your current standard fee this means that the client will still be charged the same amount as they are now even if you change your standard fee - it will lock them to the previous fee for the duration of their relationship with you.

We attempt to take payments from clients 48 and 24 hours ahead of their session time and ask them to update their payment details and manually make payment via their account if we encounter any issues. 

So if a session is not yet paid for this new rate will be charged when the client makes a payment or our system takes the charge automatically.

At any time you can change the fee for this specific client by clicking on Modify or revert them to your standard fee by clicking on the Revert to standard fee button.

You can use this feature to offer a client sessions at a discounted rate from your normal fee. Note that all platform commissions still apply irrespective of the rate charged.

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