1. Your first sentence

Lots of harleytherapy.com visitors view the site on mobile phones. This means that they only see approximately the first 75 characters of your profile description before clicking on your profile. 

For this reason, we suggest that you do not repeat information on your therapist profile card, such as your name, in your first sentence. Instead, relevant information such as your qualifications, how you work, the approach you take or any specialisms you have is more relevant for visitors. 

2. More is more!

Therapists whose profiles include clear, understandable information about their approach, experience, values, ways of working, and specialisms provide visitors with more information to make their first step into starting therapy. 

With this in mind, it can be helpful to split your profile into paragraphs using headings or to add further information to your profile that might be helpful for your clients to know.

3. A picture tells a thousand words

A clear, quality photo makes a profile stand out from the crowd. Many visitors will use your photo as the way they make their first decision about whether they'd like to find out more about you and your approach. Therefore, therapists who have chosen a well lit, professional photo on a light background are more likely to receive bookings. 

Photos should be at least 1MB and less than 5MB in size, without shadows, reflections or other objects. For help resizing photos, you can use online free tools such as http://www.picresize.com/ 

4. Availability

Many visitors search for therapy sessions starting within 48 hours. Popular times for sessions are on weekdays at 8am and from 5pm-9pm. While we have a filter to view search results by the next available appointment times, availability also influences where therapist profiles appear in other search result views. 

To find out more about the order profiles are listed in, read our help page here.

5. Therapist badges

Therapist badges reflect important factors, including the time it takes for therapists to confirm new bookings and how often therapists cancel appointments, to make decision-making easier for clients. These factors influence a client’s experience of therapy and therefore therapists receive profile badges based on these insights. 

Profiles with badges also rank more highly. You can find out more about therapist badges here and more about our therapist ranking algorithm here.

6. Proofread your profile

In much the same way that your practice room is a reflection of the care you take towards your clients, your profile is the first impression that visitors have of prospective therapists. Spelling and grammar mistakes affect therapist bookings.

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