What do I do when I finish work with a client?

Ending and Restarting Relationships, updating your Clients list, and finding past clients

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To mark a client relationship as ended, select the client from your Clients list, click on the Relationships tab in the client's page, and then click on the relationship itself. You can also click on the relationship in the Session Details page.

On the next page, click on the End this Relationship button in the right-hand corner of the page shown : 

Select the reason for ending the relationship in the drop-down menu, and then click the Confirm End of Relationship button :

Once done, you will be taken back to the relationship page where this will now show that the relationship has been ended :

Ending a relationship is an administrative tool which removes a client from your Clients list to help you manage your current client caseload.

Ending relationships does not have any effect on your profile 'stats', retention rate, or profile badges. 

Clients are not sent notifications when their Therapist marks a relationship with them as ended, however, if the Client logs into their Client Dashboard, they will see a note stating that the Relationship has been ended, including the date and time that the relationship was ended :

If a relationship has previously been marked as ended, the Client will still be able to book a follow-up session with you by clicking on the 'Book a New Session..' link which will show your current availability. 

If you want to Restart a Relationship, or if you just need to take a look at a previous client's page, you can go to your Clients list, and then select the tickbox at the top of the page to Include inactive clients :

Previous clients will now appear in your Clients list again.

To restart a relationship, click on the client's name to access their page, and then click the Relationships tab so you can select the relationship itself (Individual, Couples, Family etc.).

On the next page shown, you will then be able to select the option to Restart this Relationship :

We have an article here explaining what to do if you cannot spot one of your clients in your Clients list. 

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