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What do I do when I finish work with a client?
What do I do when I finish work with a client?
How to mark a relationship as ended or hide a client you are not working with in your dashboard
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When viewing your client list in your dashboard there is a filter option at the top which will automatically hide clients who are part of a relationship that doesn't have any sessions booked (e.g. they may have booked a session and then cancelled before attending) or you have marked as having ended the relationship. 

You can view these hidden clients by clicking on the checkbox at the top of your client list:

If you want to mark a client relationship as having ended follow the process below:

First, Go into your client card and click on the relationship details to view the relationship card:

Once you are viewing the relationship card, click on the button to End this relationship on the top right (or bottom if viewed on mobile):

You will then be prompted to enter the reason for ending the relationship and to confirm that the relationship has ended:

You will then see in the relationship card that it has ended but there is always the potential to restart the relationship if necessary in future.

A client whose relationship has ended will no longer be displayed on your client list unless you click on the checkbox to view inactive clients at the top of the client list:

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