Working with clients
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What questions are included in the client self-assessment questionnaire?
Book an individual session for a couple you work with
Can I advertise in-person sessions to new clients during the COVID-19 outbreak?
Do clients tend to book for ongoing sessions?
What sort of clients does Harley Therapy attract?
Can I work with clients more than once a week?
Do all my clients come see me in person?
How do clients find my profile?
What should I do when a client books a session with me?
Why am I not getting more bookings?
Are there any requirements I must meet during a first session with a client?
What happens if a client books with me but I don't feel we are a match?
What is the protocol to follow after a session with a client?
Do I have direct access to my client?
My client has asked for a medical report, letter, etc. How do I arrange this through the Platform?
What do I do if a client asks to see my privately?
What do I do if a client tries to pay me privately?
What do I do if a client finds and contacts me outside of the platform?
How do I set up a new appointment for my client?
Can I bring an existing client on to the platform?
What do I do if a client offers me a gift or a cash tip?
What are the rules and boundaries clients are advised of in order to protect your therapists?
How does Harley Therapy protect me from clients who overstep professional or even legal boundaries?
What do I do if a client threatens me?
What are my obligations regarding client records and managing risk?
How do I set up my therapist account to allow different client types to book?
Booking Follow-up Sessions for NHS Staff
Practical tips for therapists offering online and phone sessions
Change an Individual Relationship to a Couples Relationship
If a client's sessions are paid for by someone else how can they start paying for sessions themselves?
What do I do when I finish work with a client?
How do Reserved Slots work?
I'm not the best fit for a Client
A Client hasn't completed their Self-Assessment Questionnaire