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What is Harley Therapy's review policy and can I respond to client reviews?
What is Harley Therapy's review policy and can I respond to client reviews?

Who can leave reviews, Harley Therapy's review policy, how to flag reviews for removal, and how to respond to reviews shown on your profile

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Who can leave a review on

The only people who are able to post a review to a therapist’s profile are those who have attended at least one session with that therapist, paid for through This is so that we can be sure that reviews are from verified users only.

Names of reviewers are not shown publicly on the platform for confidentiality reasons. Any client who posts a review is notified that their review will not be anonymous to their therapist. This is so that every therapist has the opportunity to address any issues in the work for the benefit of their clients.

What happens if I dispute the content of a client's review?

Harley Therapy does not remove reviews when therapists disagree with stated facts or subjective opinions since there is no reliable way to discern whether an opinion is correct. If there is insufficient evidence to determine whether a review is legitimate, the review will not be removed. Therapists can respond to the review on their profile by contacting the Harley Therapy team. Reviews will be removed only when they contravene Harley Therapy's review moderation policy listed below.

Harley Therapy Platform Ltd's Review Moderation Policy

Harley Therapy will only remove reviews in direct violation of its policy listed below:

  1. Profane or Vulgar Language

We will remove reviews that contain obscene, profane, or offensive language, or personal threats.

2. Discriminatory Language

Reviews including discriminatory ideas about politics, religion, race, and sexual orientation are not allowed.

Reviews that promote discrimination of an individual or group on the basis of their race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, age, nationality, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, or other characteristic that is associated with systemic discrimination or marginalization will be removed.

3. Timeliness

Reviews must be from within one calendar year of a client’s last session with the therapist they are reviewing.

4. Rumours

Reviews must be about experiences that the reviewer has had. Reviews that contain second-hand information or rumours will be removed.

5. Off-topic Content

Reviews should be based on a client’s experience of the therapeutic services they received from their therapist. General political, social commentary, or personal rants are not allowed and serve as grounds for removal.

6. Restricted and Illegal Content

Reviews that present or depict illegal activity will be removed.

7. Terrorist, Sexually Explicit, Offensive Content

Reviews that contain sexually explicit material or incite hatred or violence against specific individuals or groups or celebrate terrorism will be removed.

8. Dangerous or derogatory content

Reviews that include the threat of harm to oneself or others, harassment, intimidation or bullying of one individual or group of individuals will be removed.

Can I remove reviews from my profile?

If you have questions about a review, we encourage you to contact your client directly in the first instance. You can respond to any review publicly on your profile in a professional manner by contacting the Harley Therapy team.

As a therapist, you will have agreed to the terms and conditions for therapists at the time of joining the platform, including: “The Therapist should note that the review platform may not be opted out from and may from time to time contain negative reviews and/or feedback from Clients, which is outside Harley Therapy Platform’s control.”

Only reviews that violate Harley Therapy Platform Ltd’s review policy will be removed. Reviews cannot be removed because you disagree with the opinions expressed or dislike the review.

We understand that most therapists would like to be able to address the issues their clients are experiencing. For this reason, client reviews are not anonymous to therapists (although they are anonymous publicly).

How to flag a review for removal

First, check the Harley Therapy Platform Ltd review moderation policy. Note in particular that Harley Therapy Platform Ltd does not get involved when therapists and clients disagree about facts and opinions since there is no reliable way to discern who is right about a particular client’s experience.

If a review violates Harley Therapy Platform Ltd’s review policy, contact the customer service team to flag the review for moderation.

Can I ask clients for reviews?

No, you should not solicit clients to leave reviews for your services. Do not offer or accept money or other incentives in exchange for reviews.

Can I re-post reviews for my services posted on on my own website?

You cannot use customer reviews posted on on your own website or in your marketing materials without permission. The reviews posted to are the intellectual property of Harley Therapy Platform Ltd and the original poster. This means that copying them for your own usage or advertising is a copyright infringement in the same way that copying and pasting any content that someone else has written on the internet violates copyright laws in general.

Can I respond to reviews left on

Yes, you can ask the team to post a response to any reviews left on your profile on your behalf, although we suggest that you contact your client to talk things through in the first instance.

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