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What are the standards I must adhere to should I choose to be a Harley therapist?
What are the standards I must adhere to should I choose to be a Harley therapist?
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Our goal has always been to set the highest standard in client care, and to increase access to high-quality psychological support across the UK and worldwide. We choose to work with therapists who are committed and conscientious, and who adhere to the ethical framework of their accrediting body at all times.

As a self-service platform, we expect our therapists to uphold the administrative requirements of our site, and to utilise the resources available to manage their account. This includes things like prompt, polite and professional communication with clients, taking payment through our booking system, and keeping your details updated and accurate. Clear guidance is given upon sign-up and we update our practitioners with any changes. Further information is always available via the Help Centre and the live chat in therapists' accounts. 

All therapists are required to ensure their availability is kept up-to-date and accurate to avoid needing to cancel or rearrange any new client bookings. Unconfirmed client bookings, or cancellations and rearrangements due to a therapist being unavailable can lead to a therapist's profile being permanently closed

Our full Terms & Conditions for Therapists can be found here. All therapists are asked to agree to these Terms & Conditions when first joining the Platform and we would ask that you read through the full article to ensure you are fully informed of your obligations as a therapist listed on our Platform. 

Finally, we trust as an experienced therapist you will use your discretion as to how to take good care of yourself within your working environment, including utilising any resources provided by your accrediting body and discussing concerns with your supervisor. For further information on lone-working and personal safety, we also recommend The Suzy Lamplugh Trust who offer helpful free advice and recommendations. 

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