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What do I do if I think I have been given a poor review unfairly?
What do I do if I think I have been given a poor review unfairly?
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It is normal to have occasional negative feedback. We encourage everyone who has left a negative review to have an open and honest conversation with their therapist about what is not working for them, allowing for clients and therapists to find more suited ways of working together and to understand what alternative therapy could better fit a client’s current needs, if this is an appropriate next step.

We appreciate that the same therapeutic approach isn’t right for everyone and that sometimes personalities simply don’t click. We are of course happy to hear your response to a client review if you feel it helpful for us to know. However, as part of our commitment to maintaining high quality standards across our practitioners, we take all feedback seriously and it is an important way for us to monitor the standard of service being provided on the platform.

Please note that we do not allow therapists to reply directly to feedback however you can email [email protected] to ask us to attach a response to a client's review addressing their concerns. Please do not include any identifiable information in the response.

We do not edit any reviews posted on the website.

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