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What if I can't connect my Stripe account?
What if I can't connect my Stripe account?
Fixing issues when signing up as a therapist to
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If connecting your stripe account to your therapist account fails for any reason here are some steps you can follow to fix the problem. 

First sign into your Stripe dashboard and select Connect => Applications from the left hand side menu. You should see a screen as shown below:

If you have no entry for Harley Therapy Platform Ltd then you can skip the next step and go back to your account.

If you can see Harley Therapy Platform Ltd in the list, click on Revoke Access to remove the entry in the table. 

Only revoke access during your sign up process if you have issues connecting your Stripe account. If you do revoke access when you have a live therapist account on you will no longer be able to have sessions booked with you through the platform.

Once you have either confirmed there is no connection active to or you have successfully revoked access, return and login to your therapist account on

After you have logged in you will be asked to connect your stripe account. Click on the button and you should be returned to stripe to confirm that you wish to link you accounts. This will be in a screen as shown below:

To link your account click on Connect my Stripe account and you should be returned to your therapist profile where you can continue adding details of yourself and your practice.

If you see the following screen instead of the screen above then you need to sign in to your account by clicking on Sign in on the top right of the screen above the Harley Therapy logo or complete the form to create a new Stripe account. You will then be redirected to the screen shown above and can Connect your Stripe Account to return to

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