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What is Stripe and why do I need an account?
What is Stripe and why do I need an account?

Why we use Stripe to collect payments and what you need to sign up

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Stripe is a global payments platform trusted by over 100,000+ businesses in 100+ countries and across nearly every industry.

We use Stripe to process all payments on the Harley Therapy Platform, and this is the only payment platform we use.

Stripe provides a fully secure and regulation-compliant way of processing credit and debit card payments from clients, and to transfer these payments to our therapists. 

We use Stripe Connect which has been designed for platforms and marketplaces like Harley Therapy, and is fully compliant with the latest online payment legislation so you can be assured it's safe, secure and compliant.

What if I have an existing Stripe account that I use with another marketplace?

If you have an existing account with Stripe, you can just connect that same account, there's no need to create a separate account for use with us.

You will be given the option to log in and connect to an existing Stripe account when setting up your Harley Therapy account.

What do I need to create a Stripe account?

You'll need your bank account details (so Stripe can transfer payments to you), your personal details, and your company information (if you are trading as a company or partnership).

You will also need to enter a website address. In some cases, they may ask for more information to ensure they can validate that you are who you say you are as part of the UK's money laundering regulations

If you don't have a website of your own, you can enter our website address ( as your profile will appear on our site once approved. 

Why do Stripe ask me to authorise them to take payments from my account as well as make deposits?

This is to allow for a situation where a client has booked a session for which you have already been sent the funds and a refund occurs (e.g. because the client cancelled more than 48 hours before a paid session) - if you have no funds in your Stripe account, Stripe needs to have the ability to withdraw those funds from your account to process the refund to the client. We have information about this scenario here.  

This is the only time that Stripe will take any money from your account and in most cases it will not happen as you will have funds in your account at the time.

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