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Setting up your working locations
Setting up your working locations
Defining where you work and the type of sessions you offer
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Before you set up your working times you need to define your working locations.

Locations may be in-person (i.e. at a physical address) or using a communication service (like skype or phone).

When you first set up your account you will have no locations defined under the Where I work section of your profile:

You can add the different location types by clicking on the Add button and selecting the type from the menu:

For most location types you may only add these once, however for in-person you may add more than one location to your profile.

If you select in-person you will be asked to enter an address to search for the address using Google Maps:

Once you have selected your address you can also give this a friendlier name to display to clients. Note we'll append the postcode to this name when displaying on site:

You can then add other in-person addresses and phone or skype so you can end up with 3 or more defined in your profile:

Once you have your locations set up you can then add these to your working times in your calendar by selecting the locations that apply during that working time, e.g.ย 

Note that if you have multiple physical locations we don't restrict you selecting both for a working time, however this is most likely not what you intend as you can't be in two places at once!

If you have two or more locations, users will see these locations appear in matches in your therapist card:

The closest location to the client's location search will be shown as your main location and any other locations will be listed below it.

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