Setting up your working locations

Defining where you work and offering in-person, online and phone sessions

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Before you set up your working times you need to add the locations where you offer sessions, as well as any phone and online options.

Locations may be in-person (i.e. at a physical address) or using a communication service (like Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, phone etc.).

When you first set up your account, you will not have any locations saved under the Locations tab in your Profile (here) :

You can add the different location types by clicking on the Add Location button and selecting one of the Location Types shown in the pop-up :

Adding In-Person Locations

If you select the in-person option you will be asked to enter an address and select the relevant option from the drop-down menu that will appear as you start to type :

If a business name is attached to the address, this will be removed when you select the location as shown in this example, and will not be shown in your Profile or be sent to Clients in their confirmation emails :

Once you've selected the address, you can add additional details such as Directions which would be included in clients' confirmation emails, marking if the location is wheelchair accessible so you can appear in client searches for this option, and adding a Label

Labels should be used to highlight the area you are based in as this will replace the city/town name in your Profile.

For example, without a label, this location would appear as "London, W1G 9PF" in the therapist's Profile. If we add the label "Harley Street", the location would be listed as "Harley Street, W1G 9PF" in the therapist's Profile instead, so clients can easily spot where exactly in London the therapist is based : 

When setting up a location, you can select the option to add this to all of your working times, however, please only use this option if you are absolutely sure you have in-person availability for each slot you are currently offering in your Calendar.

You can also add more than 1 in-person address, however when adding this location to the working times in your Calendar, please make sure you only select 1 location for each working time to avoid sessions being available at multiple addresses at the same times.

If you add multiple in-person locations to the same working times, it won't be possible for potential clients to tell where you are available that day, which leads to a lot of confusion, and usually leads to the client booking with a different therapist whose availability is more clear and likely to be accurate.

Adding Video, Chat or Phone Locations

There are quite a few different options available for Video, Chat or Phone sessions : 

Adding one of these options is similar to adding an in-person address, however, you will need to enter the details requested for the option you select. 

For example, for WhatsApp, you would need to enter the WhatsApp number that clients should call you on at the time of their session, and then click the Create button to save the location to your Profile : 

We have an article about offering sessions via Zoom and the details you would need to add for this here.

Adding Availability and Offering Sessions

Once you have your locations set up, you can add these to the working times in your calendar by selecting the locations where you are available during that working time :  

We have detailed instructions on how to set up your availability here

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