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If a client's sessions are paid for by someone else how can they start paying for sessions themselves?
If a client's sessions are paid for by someone else how can they start paying for sessions themselves?
Migrating a 3rd party relationship to a first party one
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Our platform allows clients to book and pay for sessions for someone else - what we call a 3rd party relationship.

This is shown in your dashboard as a relationship that has the third party symbol after the client type as shown below:

In some cases the original booker is happy to continue paying for sessions that the attending client needs, but in others the original booker would like to only pay for some initial sessions and if the attending client wishes to continue they should pay for the sessions themselves.

If you have a client that was originally booked in by someone else but wishes to continue their sessions and pay for them directly you can facilitate this by clicking on the Migrate to first party relationship... link on the client card in your dashboard.

When you click on this you may be prompted to provide additional information about the client if their account isn't complete and will be see a screen as shown below:

Once you've completed any missing information click on Confirm Migration. This will return you to the original relationship and show that it has now been marked as completed:

The client will then be sent an email asking them to add their credit card details to their account. Without these details you will not be able to complete a session with the client as any booked session will either fail to be scheduled or if scheduled will be automatically cancelled by the system in the hour before the session start time.

The email a client will receive is shown below:

It is a good idea to check with the client that they have added their credit card information to their account before scheduling any sessions with them.

Once you've completed this process any future sessions will be billed to the attending client's payment card.

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