You can pay for your session booking using any credit or debit card. 

When you first book an online session we ask you to enter your card details to pay for the session and payment is taken immediately. This card will then be used for all your subsequent payments.

Follow on sessions will have the payment taken from your card 48 hours before your session starts - there's no need to do anything once you have confirmation of the booking from your therapist. 

If taking the charge fails for any reason you'll be notified and asked to make changes to ensure the charge can be taken.

If a payment can't be taken the session by the time it's scheduled to start it will be cancelled automatically by our system.

We use Stripe to handle all payments. It’s a convenient, highly secure system and they don't share your sensitive credit card information (like number, expiry date or CVV code) with us. 

You can find out more information about Stripe here:

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