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How do I pay for my session?
How do I pay for my session?
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You can pay for your sessions using any credit or debit card. 

When you first book an initial session, we ask you to enter your card details to pay for the session and the payment is taken immediately. This card will then be used for all your subsequent sessions.

For follow-up sessions, the payments will be processed automatically 48 hours before your session start time. There's no need to do anything once you have received your booking confirmation email, but if you would like to change which card is due to be charged, you can update this by logging into your account, and going to the Payment Method tab.

What happens if my payment for a follow-up session fails?

If the payment fails for any reason, you will be notified by email and SMS, and asked to make changes to ensure the charge can be taken. We will then attempt the payment again 24 hours before the session start time, and then 12 hours before.

If a payment can't be processed, the session will be cancelled automatically by our system around an hour before the session is due to begin. If there are less than 12 hours to go before your session, you can follow the link in the email or SMS sent to manually make the payment.

Common reasons for payment failures are insufficient funds, expired card details, or payments being blocked by your bank. The reason for the payment failure will be noted in the email notification sent.

Please note, if a payment has been blocked by your bank, you will need to contact the bank to ask them to allow the payment to be made.

What payment system do you use?

We use Stripe to handle all payments. It’s a convenient, highly secure system and they don't share your sensitive credit card information (card number, expiry date or CVV code) with us so your details remain confidential and protected.

We have more information about the security of our payment system here, or you can find out more information about Stripe at

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