Change an Individual Relationship to a Couples Relationship

Converting an Individual Relationship to a couple, and booking Couples sessions with Individual clients

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Sometimes clients will book an Individual session instead of a Couples session but will attend with their partner, or an Individual client's partner may want to attend Couples sessions together. 

If a session has been booked in error and you do not work with couples, please let the client know so they are made aware as soon as possible. We can then cancel the session and issue a refund if you let us know via the live chat in your account, or via email to [email protected]. The client will also be able to cancel the booking in their Client Dashboard.

If you do work with Couples (or if an existing Individual client will be attending Couples sessions with you in addition to their Individual sessions) you can change the relationship from an Individual to a Couple in your account and if needed, process any difference in fees. 

To start this process, click on the client's name in your Clients list, click on the Relationships tab and then select the Relationship itself (usually Individual Adult 18+ in this scenario) :

On the right-hand side of the next page shown, you will have the option to Migrate to Couple relationship :

This will present two options :

  1. Replace Relationship which will change the relationship to a Couples session type and process any difference in fees for the session booked.

  2. New Relationship which will create an additional relationship with this client and their partner, while leaving the original individual relationship as is (e.g. if they have been attending as an individual for some time and now wish to attend with their partner, or if the client will be returning to individual sessions in the future).

You will then be asked to confirm the partner's name and email address before you can migrate the relationship. Please contact the client to request their partner's details if the client has not already shared these.

If you have selected the Replace Relationship option, you will be asked to confirm if you want to charge the client any difference in fees.

If you select Yes, the client will be charged the difference immediately so please ensure the client is aware prior to updating the relationship.

Any additional payment taken during this stage to cover the difference in fees will be listed in the Accounting section of your Account - it will not be listed on the session details page itself. 

Any future Couples sessions booked will be charged at your standard rate for Couples that you have set in the Fees section of your Profile unless you add a modified fee to the relationship after updating this.

Once you have converted the relationship, you will see the client's partner included in your Clients list, and the new Couples relationship will appear under the Relationships tab in both client's pages.

If you chose the Replace Relationship option, the session details page will now show that this is a couples booking. 

If you chose the New Relationship option, then you will see both the original Individual Relationship and the new Couples Relationship listed in the Relationships tab in the original client's page :

To book a Couples session under the new relationship, you would need to click on the Couples Relationship in the Relationships tab, and then click the Create Session button on the next page shown. 

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