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How to offer discounted or higher-fee sessions for specific clients
How to offer discounted or higher-fee sessions for specific clients

How to set up a different session cost for a specific client, offer reduced fees or income-based fees without changing your standard rates

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You can set a modified fee for each of your clients on their relationship details page. 

First, find the client you would like to modify your session fee for in your Clients list and click on their name. You will be taken to their client details page, as shown below :

Click on the Relationships tab on the left-hand side of the page, and then select the relationship where you wish to change the fee ("Individual Adult (18+)" in this example) : 


In the relationship details page, you can modify the fee to anything from £1 upwards by clicking on the Modify button, and then Save once you have added the fee you wish to charge :

Please note: the modified fee you set for any client will affect sessions created AFTER you have made this change. This change will not affect sessions that have already been booked for a future date.

For example, if you have already booked a session for your client next week, the fee you had in your account at the time you created that session will be charged, not the new modified fee.

If you have future sessions booked, you will need to cancel and rebook the session to charge the new modified fee, or you can contact the team on [email protected] to request a one-off fee is attached to the upcoming session - please note we won't be able to do this for sessions that have already been paid, and we would recommend cancelling/rebooking if it's close to 48 hours before the session start time when a payment will be processed in case we are not able to respond in time (we are not regularly available to respond on weekends or evenings). 

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