In some instances clients will book an Individual session instead of a Couple's session but will attend with their partner.

In these cases, if you are a therapists who does work with Couples, you have the ability to change the relationship from an Individual to a Couple.

To start this process, go to the Client card and click on the Relationship on the right hand side:

When you click on the relationship you will see an option on the right hand side to migrate the relationship to a Couple's type:

This will present two options:

  1. Change the relationship to a Couples session type.

  2. Start a new relationship with this client and their partner - e.g. if they have been attending as an individual for some time and now wish to attend with their partner.

In the case of an Individual session booked in error select Replace Relationship.
If the client wishes to attend with their partner you can create a New Relationship.

You will then be asked to confirm the partner's name and email address before you can migrate the relationship.

If you are migrating from an Individual session type relationship booked in error that has paid sessions and your fee for a Couple session is more than an individual session, you will be asked if you wish to charge the client the difference for the previous session.

If you click Yes the charge will be taken. If you don't wish to charge the client just click No.  Any future sessions booked for the couple will be charged at the Couple rate you specify in your profile.

Once you have converted the relationship you will see the new relationship with both the clients shown in your account:

You will not see the additional payments in the relationship but will see it in your accounting tab as follows:

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