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Calendar Error Messages

How to resolve issues in the Calendar when you recieve an error

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Some common errors pop up when first getting used to the Calendar, which are usually quite easy to resolve.

Overlapping Start and End Times

If you receive an error about overlapping working times, this happens when you are trying to add a new working time that overlaps with an existing working time already entered in your Calendar :

To resolve this issue, you need to delete the existing working time in your Calendar that overlaps with the new time you are trying to add, or you can also edit the existing working time instead of trying to add a new one.

Working time will not result in any available slots being offered

If you are receiving an error message about a working time not resulting in any available slots being offered (screenshot below) this is usually due to the start times entered :

To resolve this, please ensure the Session Start Times entered at the bottom of the pop-up match the availability you are trying to add.

For example, to add a working time for 5.30pm - 6.30pm, the Session Start Times need to be set to 30 minutes past the hour as per the screenshot below :

24-hour Availability

If your Calendar looks similar to the example below, where a white block covers the entire of 1 or more days, you have most likely added availability for 24 hours per day :

This happens if you create a working time that starts on one day but ends on another day.

The example below shows a working time that has been entered incorrectly, and would result in sessions being offered from 4pm on Mondays through until 6pm on Fridays without any breaks between days :

The easiest way to fix this is to simply delete the working time so you can start afresh and add your working times for each day of the week individually. The GIF below shows how to delete a working time :

We also have an article here explaining how to set up your working times.

If you receive a different error to the ones above, we are available at [email protected], or via the Report a Bug option in the live chat in your account.

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