How will the platform improve my practice?
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Our self-service platform is designed to help you grow your private practice and to support more clients. 

We can provide you with an instant internet presence, align you with a trusted organisation, help you get found and booked by clients across the UK and worldwide, and help you keep your private practice organised. 


Each time a new therapist joins the Platform, we start to advertise to clients looking for therapists in your local area, instantly increasing your reach and online presence, and bringing potential clients directly to your Profile where you advertise your available session times for online/phone and in-person bookings. 

Alternatively, using our online search function, clients can quickly and easily narrow down which therapists are suitable for their needs, choose a session time that works for them, and book a date for the initial meeting with their chosen therapist. 

Each time a new client books an initial session, they are asked to complete a self-assessment questionnaire, including information about what they are seeking help with and any relevant history, as well as the PHQ9 and GAD7 multiple choice questionnaires which are auto-scored for you. Ongoing PHQ9 and GAD7 questionnaires are also available to help you track your clients' progress over time.

Booking confirmation emails are sent to clients for each session booked for them, and reminder emails are sent 24 hours prior to the session start time. Clients are also able to manage bookings from their own accounts, ensuring you are informed of any cancellations with as much notice as soon as possible. 

Our automated payment system reduces your admin workload by removing the need to create, send or chase invoices after sessions, with notifications automatically sent to clients for failed payments, and any unpaid bookings being cancelled automatically prior to the session start time. 

You can collect verified client reviews in your Profile, and also use our shareable widget feature to share these reviews on your own website. The widget feature also allows you to advertise your current availability on your own website, reducing the need to manage multiple calendars. 

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