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How do I get paid for a session I agreed to do when the client payment failed?
How do I get paid for a session I agreed to do when the client payment failed?

How to get paid if you decide to honour a client appointment even if their payment failed

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Our platform is designed to minimise the pain and effort required in collecting payments for therapy sessions and it is designed to ensure that you have confidence that your fee has been collected before every session and can concentrate on the therapy session itself.

In some cases, often for simple reasons like card expiry, we may be unable to charge a client for a booked session. We will attempt to take the charge several times in the 48 hours before the session and notify the client of failure so they can update their card details and ensure payment is made.

If payment is not made by 1 hour before the session we will automatically cancel this session and inform both yourself and your client. 

You are not obliged to honour the appointment in this case, however if you do then we cannot underwrite or manage the process of receiving payment for this session.

In such a case you can ensure payment for the session that has occurred in place of the cancelled session as follows:

  1. Ask the client to update their account with a valid credit card. Our system will check the card validity and charge-ability when entered so if they have done this we will have some confidence we can charge it,

  2. Once they confirm to you that they have updated their card details create a manual session for the time (in the past) that the session occurred. This will then manage the charging process and ensure the fee is collected. 

  3. If you create the session successfully you may then continue with the clinic update process and mark the session as attended.

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