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What if I need to cancel a session due to illness or personal emergency?
What if I need to cancel a session due to illness or personal emergency?
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Please notify your clients as soon as possible, and offer alternative dates/times for their session, or a refund if they prefer this option, the same as you would for non-Harley Therapy clients in your private practice. 

If any new clients would prefer to cancel and receive a refund, please let the team know, including the reason for cancellation and confirming a refund should be issued.

You can use the Edit Date/Time option to rearrange bookings in your account, or you can contact the team if you need to rearrange any sessions where the start time has already passed. You can select the option to refund a client when cancelling a session in your Dashboard or when completing the attendance update.  

Such instances are, in our experience, rare, however, if they occur on a frequent basis it can reflect in your quality score as well as risk your profile being dropped from display.

If you are struggling with your health or personal circumstances, please note that you do have the option to hide your profile during months it's not possible for you to maintain your usual standards of client care.

We do not recommend leaving your Profile open to bookings if you are unsure if you will be able to provide ongoing client care or if there is a good chance that you will need to cancel or rearrange sessions as this will start to affect your standing on the Platform which we would prefer to avoid wherever possible. 

If you will be unavailable for an extended period of time due to illness or personal circumstances, informing the team that you will be unavailable also means that we can offer advice on how to best manage your account if you are unsure, and look to support you upon your return to the platform. 

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