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How do I mark myself as unavailable or fully booked?

How to block out appointments, annual leave, bank holidays etc.

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There are a few different ways to mark times or dates as unavailable in your Calendar.

If you are fully booked, we recommend either deleting all of the working times in your Calendar, or pausing your profile in the Status section of your Account here.

Please note if you pause your profile, existing clients will still be able to book sessions via their Client Dashboards - if you are unavailable to meet with existing clients as well as new clients, please delete your working times instead to prevent bookings from existing clients being received. 

If you will be unavailable as a one-off eg. a doctor's appointment, a bank holiday, annual leave etc., you can add an Unavailable Time to your Calendar to block that out.

The GIF below shows how to add an unavailable time to your Calendar :

If you will be unavailable at a certain time on an ongoing basis, eg. if a non-Harley Therapy client has reserved a particular time for their sessions, then it is easiest to edit or delete the working time so it is removed from your availability on an ongoing basis.

The GIF below shows how to delete a working time :

You would be able to add the working time back to your Calendar if the slot becomes available to book again in future.

If you have connected a Google Calendar to your Harley Therapy account, then any times you mark as 'busy' in your Google Calendar will automatically sync across to be marked as 'unavailable' on Harley Therapy.

You can find out more about connecting a Google Calendar here.

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