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How do I know I've been paid for a session?
How do I know I've been paid for a session?

How do I check if I have been paid, and what happens if a payment fails

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All initial sessions (and follow-up sessions if booked by the Client) will be paid for up-front.

For follow-up sessions booked by the therapist, the payment will be processed 48 hours before the session start time from the card saved in the Client's account (usually the card used to pay for their initial session, but clients can update their payment details in their account at any time).

If you go to your Clients list and click on a Client's name, you will see a list of their sessions with a green 'Paid' icon if the session has been paid for :

You can also click on each session to view payment details for cancelled sessions, or to view the dates payments were made.

The Billing/Payments section of your Account here will also list each payment processed, the commission paid on each booking, and the transfers to your Stripe account :

If a payment fails, both you and the client will be notified, and the client will be asked to either update their payment details or manually submit a payment using the link in the email and SMS sent to them.

We will re-attempt the payment 24 hours before the session start time, and then 12 hours before if a payment hasn't been received.

If a session is not paid for, the booking will be cancelled automatically around an hour before the session is due to start. Because of this, if a payment fails, you may wish to contact the client to confirm if they are planning to submit a payment - if not, then you would be able to cancel their session to free up that slot for other clients.

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