How does Harley Therapy's fee structure work?

Harley Therapy does not charge any subscription fees for therapists to join the website. Instead, therapists only pay commission on confirmed client sessions delivered via the platform. The commission fee covers all card payment processing and administration fees so there is nothing extra on top of this.

New commission rates

As of January 1st, 2021, Harley Therapy Platform commission rates will be:

50% + VAT on first sessions

10% + VAT on follow-on sessions

Previously, our commission rates were inclusive of VAT.

The commission rates for sessions with clients who started working with you before January 1st 2021 will remain exclusive of VAT.

We don’t like to put up our prices, and this is our first commission change since 2017. However, our prices are dictated by our costs, which have increased due to a number of factors over the past three years. As a result, we must adjust our commission structure to maintain a sustainable business and continue delivering new client referrals to our community.

What does this commission structure mean in practice?

If you charge your clients £50 per session, the changes to your commission fees will look like this:

Previous commission rates (before 1st January 2021): With a session fee of £50, your current first session commission fee is £25, and £5 for ongoing sessions.

New commission rates (from 1st January 2021): With a session fee of £50, your new first session commission fee will be £30, and £6 for ongoing sessions.

When do I receive payment as a therapist?

Payments are made into your Stripe account immediately after the customer is charged before their session begins. Customers are charged when they make an initial booking for a session and 48 hours before the start of a follow-on session so you can always be confident a session has been paid for before it starts.

If a client's card fails they will be notified and will have time to resolve the charge before the session starts. If they don't manage to update their card the session will be cancelled and you will be notified.

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