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Booking Follow-up Sessions for NHS Staff
Booking Follow-up Sessions for NHS Staff

How to book further sessions for clients who attended a complimentary support session

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You can offer follow-up sessions to NHS staff, and choose to charge them either your standard fee or a modified fee, or offer further free sessions if you wish to do this.

Because NHS workers did not input credit card details to receive their free support session, if you will be charging them for future sessions, they will need to add a payment card to their account before you can book a follow-up session for them.

We'd recommend asking them to let you know once their payment details have been added so you can then book their next session.

There are instructions available via the live chat for adding a payment card when the client logs into their account, or you can also send them the following link which will take them directly to the payment details section of their account where they can add a payment card :

If you wish to offer further sessions free of charge, click the Create Session option on the client's page, and then select the Free Support Session? tickbox :

Please note that the Free Support Session option will only be available for NHS staff who have previously booked a complimentary support session.

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