Can I book an appointment for a loved one?

Booking a session for someone else

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You can book a session for someone else by selecting the "I am booking on behalf of someone else" tickbox when choosing a session time (see instructions below), but you will need to have received the attendee's consent to book an appointment on their behalf. 

You will be held responsible for the payment if the attendee does not show up for their session, or cancels the booking with less than 48-hour's notice.

You will also be responsible for the payment for follow-up sessions, and will need to agree to the Terms & Conditons for Clients when booking.

If you wish to pay for the initial session only, we recommend removing your payment card from your account after booking the initial session. The Therapist will be able to follow the instructions here to update the booking so the attendee can take over the payments for their follow-up sessions. 

To book a session on behalf of another person, please make sure to select the "I am booking on behalf of someone else" tickbox when choosing the session you wish to book :

After clicking the purple "Book Session" button, you will be asked to enter your details, and those of the attendee, which will create separate accounts for both of you, meaning you can manage payments in your account, while the attendee still receives their session details via email and has access to the self-assessment questionnaire in their account. 

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