For a new client creating a session on the platform your portion of the fee they pay (your fee minus the commission we charge) is sent to your Stripe account immediately.

If the client subsequently cancels 48 hours before the session this transfer will be reversed.

For subsequent sessions, we charge the client 48 hours in advance of each session and a transfer is made to your Stripe account at this time.

If there is a failure to charge the client for an ongoing session they will be notified to give them a chance to update their credit card details. However if the session remains unpaid 1 hour before the start time it will be cancelled automatically and you will be informed.

In such a case you may choose to continue the session however the responsibility of charging the client is then yours and not something that we can facilitate or underwrite. These instructions will show you how you can resolve this situation and receive payment for this session.

Stripe will send you the balance of your account at regular intervals as configured in your stripe preferences. You can find out more about the process on the Stripe website.

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