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Offering free support sessions for frontline workers
Offering free support sessions for frontline workers

Find out what the criteria is for clients receiving one-off free support sessions, how to offer free support sessions for NHS staff and more

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It is our mission to help everyone facing difficult times in every way possible. We have now set up the ability for our community of therapists to offer NHS workers free support sessions.

Appeal for volunteers

We are appealing to our Harley Therapy community of therapists to offer one-off support sessions free of charge to NHS workers during this particularly stressful time. This can be as much, or as little, time as you are able to offer. Sessions offered must be by phone or online video call. 

With just one hour offered by each of our members, we would be able to offer over 500 sessions to frontline workers every week. We know that this would be incredibly beneficial to people's lives.

What are the support sessions and how are they different to normal therapy sessions?

We are operating a policy of one support session per person. This is so that as many people can access support as possible.

It is therefore important to be clear as the therapist that you will be offering your experience and support on a one-off basis, and a free support session is not a first therapy session assessment, unless the client notes that they are planning to continue follow-up sessions with you. 

Please be aware of the helplines you can offer to clients for further support, such as the Samaritans.

Bookings will be marked as free support sessions in your confirmation messages.

How do I sign up to offer free support sessions?

Who gets free support sessions?

At the moment, we are only able to verify NHS workers so that they are able to access free sessions.

Depending on demand and supply and finding other partners, we may be able to roll out this offer to other frontline workers in the future.

Can I continue to offer discounted sessions for clients receiving one free support session?

Yes. If you would like to offer continuing sessions for anyone who has used the free support session service, you can create further therapy sessions for them in the usual way. We have an article about booking follow-up sessions for NHS staff here.

If you want to offer a discounted rate, you can set a modified fee for each of your clients in your account.

Who can offer free support sessions?

Therapists must be registered with the Harley Therapy Platform to offer free support sessions. To register with you must be a fully-qualified, insured and registered therapist.

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