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What the various parts of our calendar show about your schedule

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An example of an active therapist calendar is shown below

This calendar shows:

  • working times (in white) spread across the week and anchored in the Time Zone shown at the bottom of the screen

  • dark purple sessions show appointments booked in - if they have a tick they are confirmed, without a tick they need to be confirmed as they have been requested by a client (sessions have the client's initials in them in the calendar view)

  • light purple session times represent offered times that you have offered to clients as alternative times when you have been unable to provide them their requested session time

  • grey slots are unavailable times added manually or automatically by synching Google calendar

  • white slots with a purple border are session times reserved for existing clients - they are not yet actual bookings and need to be created as actual bookings if the client will be attending

Clicking on any item in the calendar will open up a window showing the details of the clicked element.

You can also filter the display using the check boxes on the bottom left to only show specific types of information on the calendar if it is getting too busy.

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